Mary-El Tarot ~ (just ordered mine yesterday!!!)

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Hiroshige (1797-1858), Owl on a Maple Branch in the Full Moon, 1832.

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Fox kits annoying their mother.

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"And she finds it difficult to believe—that a person would love her even when she isn’t trying. Trying to figure out what other people need, trying to be worthy."

Margaret Atwood 

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elloise grace

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I make art because I have to. I put my art in public spaces because I want to share it, and give people an unexpected art encounter. When art is encountered unexpectedly the city space itself is transformed into a gallery, and the viewer is transported into another world where anything is possible. My 3” tall concrete Concreep sculptures are little symbols of infinite possibility. I hope to spread them all over the world, and I want others to make their own versions of them. The origin of the Concreeps is somewhat of a mystery, but they have their foundations in the Illuminati symbol of the all-seeing eye.

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You either get shaved a beard, or you live long enough to see yourself become a soul patch/mustache combo.

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