Tessa Farmer - Swarm (2004) - mixed media, desiccated insect remains, dried plant roots, and other organic ephemera

“Farmer’s tiny sculptures give a glimpse into the world of fairies. No story-book land of Tinkerbells, Swarmenvisions the purveyors of mischief and magic as an actual species, as animalistic and Darwinian as any other.

Exchanging Victorian romanticism for the darker pragmatism of science, Farmer evidences her specimens as fearsome skeletal fiends, plausible ‘Hell’s Angels’ of a microscopic apocalypse.

Posed in dramatic battle formations, Farmer’s menagerie wages war against garden variety pests; each figure, painstakingly hand crafted and adorned with real insect wings, stands less than 1 cm tall.”

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Elia Fernandez on deviantART


Elia Fernández | On Tumblr.

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jeanetteevans asked "Hello. Megan Flanders asked me to make an acquaintance with you. I hear you are going to the Good and Evil Event this Saturday. I am Jeanette Evans, a make-up artist."

Hi! I am looking forward to it, it’ll be my first ‘modeling’ gig, so I have no idea what to expect. Nice to met you:3

Goodmorning Jeanetteevans! How has your day been?

Hey Jaddicusfinch! When are we gonna hang out again?




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This is my [Cephalic Carnage] Xenosapian inspired chest piece, don’t by Lynn Akura @ Magnum Opus, Brighton, England.

Lynn used the album inlay artwork as the basis for the piece, which can be seen here.



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Black cats, talking boards, and spells: the art of Swan Bones Theater.

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